Money, Credentials, Love…?

I was taking some time last night to reflect on family because my son recently showed up unexpectedly from out-of-town to surprise us with his presence!

I realized that sometimes I get so caught up in life and business that I forget the people who make a difference in my life are not the ones with the most money, the greatest credentials, or the biggest awards.

They are the ones who genuinely care. If you agree please take a few minutes to ask yourself the following questions, and then pass this along to the people you love:

The people who make a difference…

-Name the five wealthiest people in the world.
-Name the last five recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.
-Name the last five winners of the Miss World contest.
-Name ten people who have won an Olympic Gold Medal.
-Name the last five Academy Award winners for best actor and actress.

How did you do?

Who cares – the point is that none of us remember this stuff. These people are the best in their fields and yet the applause dies, awards sit on the shelf and achievements are forgotten.

Here’s another set of questions.

See how you do with these:

-Name two friends who have helped you through a tough time.
-Name five people who have taught you something meaningful.
-Name a teacher or mentor who made a difference in your life.
-Think of a few people who always make you feel appreciated.
-Name a couple of people whose stories have inspired you.
-Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.

Was this a little easier to complete?

The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most money, the greatest credentials, or the biggest awards. They are the ones who genuinely care and remain in your heart and memory always.

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14 Responses to “Money, Credentials, Love…?”

  1. Thank you very much for your advice!
    You have always been helpful and supportive for me.

    Today, I have moved into the “World of God.”
    The World of God means that the world which is produced by God’s energy.
    It is the same one in which Eve lived at first.
    I have started to learn about the life in this God’s world.
    I hope to live in this God’s World for ever.

    I hope that you will join in this World of God someday!
    Infinite Success & Happiness for You.
    Atsuko Kuroda

  2. Sanju says:

    I felt great reading this, helped me to realise to apresciate the people who make a difference in my life every day . thanks for reminding me to important things in life. HAve a great day . god bless us. Best Regards, Sanju

  3. Val Mydock says:

    The greatest person of all rules the universeand never fails when we need him. He even knows our needs before we ask, and to ask in faith believing is free for all. His name is Jesus. I love him above all. He is my Savior, my Redeemer and coming King. V. Mydock

  4. kiriaki says:

    Our world has lost it’s real values of life. We are impressed by greatness,
    wealth glamour, spotlights —- which are offered us abuntantly to see and read making for us a brain-wash. Many people are away from Gods presense, away from human love, kindness, understanding……. If TV was used corectly it could had played a big part in making the world better. But it is run by unethical minds who crave for wealth and profit only.I’m so grateful and thankful that you exist and often give us oxygen to breath on…….thank you

  5. Nicky Gibson says:

    I have to say that I ask myself a set of questions similar to the these almost everyday to remind myself how fortunate I am and also to remind myself what is important and what really dosn’t matter! We definitely get caught up in unimportant stuff and we don’t really look around and see what is really in front of us and what the universe is trying to tell us, or what God is trying to tell us. Don’t sweat the small stuff…

  6. Jo Otero says:

    My life is enhanced by my love for Jesus; but my whole being is empowered by His great love for me. All the people who have helped me and continue to do so, have been sent by Him and I thank God for them. Jo Otero

  7. Steven Eaton says:

    I really liked that set of questions at the end. It’s good to ask yourself things like this once in a while.

  8. Rajesh Prasad says:

    Why are we talking about God in the first place when the issue is all about humaneness and humanity. Where the hell was Jesus when the Twin towers were reduced to dust and rubble ? Let us talk more about genuine love and affection and not go off in a tangent about being brainwashed into something intangible.

  9. Rajesh Prasad says:

    I really liked that post about my post awaiting moderation. What it actually means is that some guy/gal who knows nothing about me, my thoughts, my beliefs is suddenly going to control in this site about what I can say. This to me, is the height of HYPOCRISY.

  10. opm says:

    indeed very effective way to cumminicate the message of love to all who are so grossly involved striving,
    searching love and peace all over but not caring to look nearby? What a pitty and paradox.Thank you

  11. Cass says:

    WOW!!! Great exercise. Everyone needs to take a moment and take this test. It really makes think as well as realize what is important and what’s not. You can’t put a price tag on friends and family.

  12. Bett Gold says:

    Lord, thank you for the TRUE people who ENRICH my life and make it more MEANINGFUL by their LOVE. Let them LIVE under YOUR care and BLESS them always.

  13. Larry says:

    In spite of what we believe as individuals, Love is granted to us as children of God, it is not an exclusive human emotion. God is Love.

  14. as or the inspirational text, Thank you very much for the reminder to always be thankful for the many gifts that God gives us and we call them freinds and family.

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