You Will Smile, Laugh and Cry!!

Have you ever experienced this… I know I have:

Somebody won’t accept you for who you are; somebody tried to change you into being the person they wanted you to be for them; somebody judged you for not being what they felt you could be; somebody kicked you aside instead of accepting you for all of the great qualities you have…?

This video is for anybody who has ever had someone not accept him or her for who they are, or… for those of you who have struggled with accepting someone else for who they are… you will smile, laugh and cry!!

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29 Responses to “You Will Smile, Laugh and Cry!!”

  1. virginia carey says:

    Yes, but the only success that ever occured in my life was when God made the change in my life. I praise God everyday for it because of him I owe it all to him.

  2. deepak says:

    Thank you . It is beautiful .

  3. HD says:

    Greg, Can you hear me wildly applauding through the tears? Truly an outstanding representation of allowing someone’s spirit to come forth. Thanks for this!

  4. This was so inspirational. Being who YOU are is what your life is all about. This was a great reminder for me to let my team know that they always need to be who they want to be and be proud of that. Each individual is different and that is what makes them so special.

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  6. Linda Rogers says:

    I think it is very cruel and unfair to make a dog surf which is a very unnatural thing. You are not thinking of the animal, but unfortunately your own self gain. I realize it is for charity, but to try to force an animal to do something he could get hurt doing is absolutely wrong for any reason. I found this whole video distasteful and disgusting! I have no problem with animals helping the handicapped, but surfing is another thing all together. I don’t think this woman should even be around animals.

    Very Sincerely,
    Linda rogers

  7. Rosie Camacho says:

    After looking at this video and listening to the beautiful music, I cried. It reminded of the 8 years I was in a wheelchair due to a car accident. Physical Therapy was very difficult but I bless my Doctors, Therapist and all my family and church family and friends who helped me so much. I give God all the honor and praise.

    May God continue blessing your beautiful ministry.

  8. Elizabeth Kinnen says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  9. Amor Aguelo says:

    I was so really touched with the viseo. I truly smile, laugh and cry. Thank you for sharing this to us. God bless you always.

  10. mary m says:

    Ok. Yes, I am crying, because I am soooooo inspired!!

  11. Chawla says:

    Awesome. Do we try to train the animals to help us when we are in need because no human being is willing to do the same? If only we can love all the animals in the same ways and become VEGETARIAN. Why is a dog different from chicken, pigs or cows?

  12. RITA B.DEAN says:

    CUTE :-)

  13. Gail says:

    How can anyone regardless, ever mistreat these wonderful amazing gifts from God? My heart breaks for all the life being destroyed by the Gulf Oil disaster and I have been very sad these past weeks. This blessed video has my heart singing and I will make certain all my email friends receive this video. A real inspiration that I pray all who view it will know we are to treasure, not hurt all of God’s creation.
    Thank you.

  14. Emyrose R. Reas says:

    Truly inspiring and a touching story. A lot of times I wished someone to be the one I wanted him to be…. this is a wake up call… everyone has his/her own great qualities… just let them blossom…Ricochet and Ivan proved that with faith in God, your passion & determination will knock down any hindrances that threatened your life’s purpose….

  15. A very enjoyable video, with a lot of dedication to mans best friend (Dog) This shows faithfulness.

  16. DENNIS says:

    the best inspirational video I have seen in a very long time, thank you, Dennis

  17. Alice Law says:

    I’m speechless… Very touching and inspiring…. thanks for sharing! Please have a beautiful day!

  18. donna conroy says:

    that video of the dog was so cute
    and she could do something like that
    even when she was first born

  19. andrea says:

    Thanks for the outstanding Inspirational Letter. As expected most of the
    time I smiled, laughed or cried.

    After listening to this, my heart was fullfilled with joy, happiness etc……

    So its possible,everyone can change the world and make the time on earth for other people a little bit easier and better, alone or with a little help.

    Wish you a wonderful time alone or with family, friends etc…..

    If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is
    perfected in us ( I JOHN 4:12)

    Take care

  20. thank you. this is so beautiful…inspirational and makes me want to be a better person.

  21. Bill Marinak says:

    Right on, Smiled, laughed and cried all at the same time. D-O-G is God spelled backward, Is someone trying to tell us something?

  22. June Woods says:

    It was so inspiring watching the dog he was wonderful. Could you please tell me the song and title and singer please it was beautiful. God Bless June

  23. piyushaa says:

    the video is seriously amazing. it’s rocking and really wonderful.I got to learn a lot. Thanks.

  24. novie says:

    It’s beautiful.. thanks for sharing with us… : )

  25. carolyn says:

    What an inspiration! When you are feeling down Watch this video. God uses even his creatures for his work. How much more will He use us if we are willing to be taught by the master. That dog has touched so many lives. If ever I wished to be a dog its now!!!!!

  26. No One says:

    Nice video, good sentiment, however putting a dog on a surf board to raise money isn’t so great. If the dog had showed unbelievable interest in surfing or the water beforehand, then yes that would be awesome. Using the dog as a media ploy isn’t.

  27. ionysh says:

    amazing! If this dog can make a difference much for us.. Thanks for sharing this…GOdbless!

  28. uche offor says:

    Do i cry or laugh? dont know but certainly inspired.
    Hope this will inspire the rest of us to start training our kids and younger ones on how to love our neighbors unconditionally and give service and help to all in need.
    Remain blessed you all.

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