How To Tell If Your Dream Is From God

My personal dream and greatest inspiration came when my daughter accidently landed on a porn website.  From that incident I became inspired and had a dream for a business to educate and protect kids from online predators and dangers.  My dream and vision was so big and powerful that I took action immediately – and the result is now a tangible reality.  I’ll share the link to that business at the end of this.  But first I want to share how I knew that this was really an inspirational gift from God, and not some ego-driven money grubbing thought I just conjured up for all of the wrong reasons.  And this will help YOU determine if your inspirations for a new business, writing a book, or changing careers, as an example, is God-inspired.

One of the great keys is when an inspiration constantly nudges at your heart, clamoring for your mind’s attention. If that’s how your vision gnaws at you, then it is probably from God.

You’ll also be aware that it’s a God-given inspiration if you are anxious to devote every ounce of energy and every waking minute to it.  Because a dream inspires devotion like the devotion of a parent for a child – you would give your life just to see it grow and become successful.

If your dream isn’t God-inspired will you fail?  Maybe. I could argue that any inspiration worthy of pursuit must be a God-gifted dream.  Yet many people pursue dreams built on things that won’t last. They dream of fame, yet fame never lasts. They build dreams on selfish thoughts of wealth or power, but none of these last forever if that is the only motivation.

A dream must be built on human need. Will it help people?  Will it improve lives (even if only yours)?  Will it alleviate human suffering?  Or will the money you make then open up opportunities for giving back and making a difference in other ways?  If so, you can be sure that your dream is from God. The secret to happiness in life is in giving back to others without expecting anything in return. ?What is your God-inspired dream?

Here’s mine:

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