“She Doesn’t Need Arms or Legs Because She Has Wings”

In this video, Pauline Victoria is speaking recently to a live audience inspiring everyone in the room.

Where you see challenge from the outside, you are wrong. Where you see struggle on the inside, you are wrong.

She is inspiration in its truest form.  A complete human being and spirit.

I want to give you some links: (please share these with everyone in your address book)

1. Click Here to Vote for Her to Get Her Own Show on the Oprah Network! Deadline is July 3rd at midnight (PST)

2. Click Here to Join Her Newsletter

Pauline is an acquaintance of mine and I ask you to become a fan of hers on facebook, follow her on twitter, subscribe to her YouTube and join her newsletter.  She has some really big things in the works and your support is much appreciated!

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6 Responses to ““She Doesn’t Need Arms or Legs Because She Has Wings””

  1. Too sad to face.
    Yet, I would like to tell her that there is a way to get back her beautiful body again. I would like to tell her what I learned from God.
    I learned the method to get a body exactly what one wants.
    God gives a Human God the body produced solely by one’s owen life energy. So, if Pauline will become a Human God, she will be able to get her body exactly she wants. I hope that she will challenge to become a Human God.

  2. Jo Otero says:

    A lady who has a great, God given gift, to reach out and inspire those who see themselves as unfit or unable to intermingle with ‘normal’ people. May God bless and strengthen her all her days.

  3. Homer Vaughan says:

    Very moving and so inspirational. We all have differences in our appearance and our life. Pauline shows so much genuine life changing attitude that I want to salute her for her fighting spirit.

  4. CLINT says:

    how do i download these clipings

  5. Karen Brown says:

    Pauline is an inspiration to me just by her confidence, and smile. She is a remarkable woman, and I thank her for sharing her story.


  6. JONI CAMPBELL says:


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