The NEW Interview With God

Ok the day is finally here and I waned to share with you a NEW presentation of The Interview with God!

New music new videography and I am anxious to here your feedback.

Click Here To See New Video

Please leave your comments below.

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22 Responses to “The NEW Interview With God”

  1. Michael says:

    Absolutely wonderful and so true

  2. John says:

    Enjoyed the video but the quotes were much too fast, not able to read all of them before they were removed.

  3. Ruth says:

    I love the words. The still pictures make the words easier to read. I have 10 years experience working with animation students. The video seems rushed making it harder to read the words. By the time my eyes separated the words from the background the words were gone. I have viewed and reviewed the still version many times. Stunning pictures. The new video version is beautiful pictures and I enjoy the new music. Keep up the great work.

  4. Frank says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  5. Janet says:

    This is wonderful.
    I had just 2 problems-
    1. the white writing/script was difficult to read on pictures.
    Its way too light.
    2. The page changing was too quick, I didnt enjoy all the pictures.

  6. Joy says:

    I LOVE the music. The video is a little blurry, but the scenes are beautiful and “fit” lovely. I just wish the words were bolder–easier to read–I have no vision problems by the way. On some of the later slides the words pass by very quickly and I don’t read slow. Overall, still brought tears, peace and a smile. Thank you so much!

  7. JoAnn Gundy says:

    I just watched the New site: Interview with God. It is very nice, but NOT an improvement! I do hope you continue to make the original one available for us to share. Thank you!

  8. JoAnn Gundy says:

    I like the original one better. JoAnn

  9. Rey says:

    its so wonderful and insiparationa video…

  10. I liked the first one better. The quotes dissapeared much too fast.

  11. cls says:

    Whew…………… wonderful…………….

    I am so glad that you WANT to make things like this to praise our God!!

    Thank you thank you………..

  12. Jocelyn says:

    I always find the message comforting. I found the writing was too light. The change with the pictures too fast. What was positive was the content in the pictures. I felt myself being drawn in. It appeared more 3D. I didn’t feel that with the original. So well done on that front!

  13. Ronald says:

    I liked the original interview with God. This version was hard to read as it progressed and the scenes did not have the same impact. The first version was absolutely breathtaking. I had tears in my eyes every time that I played it. It never grew old. You can’t improve on perfection. I hope that the original will always remain available. Thank you Ron

  14. Paul says:

    I keep going back to see it. Just awesome, gives a new prespective of GOD’S love.

  15. Marco M says:

    I love “The Interview With God”. I always am inspired by it. But . . . leave what was beautiful alone. I like the first one better.

    Either way – THANKS!

  16. tiffany says:

    very true..i agree…i was inspired and will always be..tnx.

  17. Tracy says:

    All said just OK 1/2 the pictures were good the other 1/2 just OK , the words need to stay up a few seconds longer not in white , maybe red or dark blue (easier to see & read) and less hesitation between one phrase to the other .(SORRY) DEFINITELY LIKED THE OLD ONE BETTER

  18. SUZY Evans says:



  19. Owner says:

    You can see the old one at


  20. Joan Sama says:

    I loved it, but, like the others said, the letters are not dark enough and they moved out to quickly.

  21. helen says:

    I like both,they’re so inspirational…but think I love the 1st one better…It makes one appreciate GOD’s love….can we still see the 1st one? Both for that matter….Thank you so much..I look forward to your e-mails…they help me a lot…thank you for sharing the love of GOD……sat July 31,2010

  22. Joyce says:

    I liked the first one more. I received it three years ago on the night my son had a motor cycle accident and was in ICU. It bought me peace and comfort. The new one is nice, but the music on the first one is so relaxing and peaceful.

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