Unconditional Love Surrounds Us

If you watch the love that a pet gives to its owner(s) it’s easy to see that unconditional love really isn’t that difficult to give.

So why do we humans struggle to give it and receive it?

Today let’s all pretend that we’re the beloved pet and treat the humans we love like a pet would – kiss them and pay attention to them no matter what today – small miracles can occur with love! Watch this video and be reminded of what unconditional love looks and feels like!

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39 Responses to “Unconditional Love Surrounds Us”

  1. loreta says:

    I just saw the vedeo about love and I liked it but me terrifed when I meet dogs even though did nothing to me.My son who loves dogs very much alway asking me to get one at home though he was attact by pitbull and almost kill him.Iknow that dogslove their owner and be their gaurds for life but how can I be confident we them. Any way a good vedeo for send a posittive love to everyone.

  2. Sandra says:

    Very Nice..Its nice to love and to be loved…

  3. Deepansh says:

    I agree with the concept of unconditional love..but how do you explain urself to carry on doing it..and not expect smthing from the person u love?
    We are all human beings here..all liable to be hurt..to feel disappointed..So hows is it really possible to give unconditional love?

  4. Linda Rigali says:

    Oh, I love that video. I am so down today, and this put a big smile on my face. I agree, your babies are the only ones with the un-conditional love. I have known that for many, many years. Thank God for our wonderful dogs.

  5. Linda Rigali says:

    I love this video. Thank You for sharing the love. What a smile to put on our faces. Dogs are the best. Thank God!!!!!!

  6. Linda Rigali says:

    Thank Our Lord, for blessing us with our animals!!!

  7. Rolly says:

    We are the pet and our owner is God. The way He loved us is unconditional. So, we have to share the same love to others unconditionally.

  8. Gary Bartley says:

    God’s master plan is always best understood in nature. If we truly take time-out to observe the way love is displayed around us by nature, we would undoubtedly appreciate, love and respect each other more. Thanks, Greg. I am truly happy that God too demonstrated unconditional love to us, in that while we were yet sinners, He died for us.



  10. rebecca hernandez says:

    Wow, that is what Jesus is,unconditional love,and since we are created in His image, that is the goal for each of us, to know, and show unconditional love to each other. Let us begin today.

  11. Mary Ann says:

    Beautiful!! thank you!!!

  12. Ruth Hammons says:

    Beautiful site…love animals…they are angels with fur!! God made them that is why…they are innocent and free and love us…jsut like He does!

  13. Thsi is really a heart-warming video.
    Some people have such an amazing power to artistically express valuable-but-difficult-to-describe-things in life.
    I like the people who cherish this kind of videos.

  14. howard dean says:

    this is a lesson for everyone to learn by.

  15. bola oyekoya says:

    dogs are God’s BEST. they are so faithful, more than us humans. they are color blind, and as you said, they love unconditionally another word for agape love.

  16. grace says:

    wow…as an animal lover person i really like this video it teaches us one lesson…. to love unconditionally..as God love us…

  17. Lesia says:

    If only humans could relate to each other as animals do to us. Just beautiful! Made my day.

  18. donna conroy says:

    I am a major animal lover
    and like your video very much
    it made my day to
    and god also loves animals very much

  19. AL says:

    i really like the pic of the dog praying next to the little boy :) unconditional love : to love w/o expecting returns. it is not easy but it exists. (God:us, parent:child, pet:owner, and true soulmates). thank you Greg for sharing this video.

  20. margarita says:

    I was really feeling down tonight and my son Joshua (6) walked up to me and watched the video and somehow all my troubles went away. I’m glad I realized life is made for loving others.

  21. ola says:

    Nice video, my kids have always wanted a dog and after watching the video, I might get one for them one day.

    There was an ad cartoonize your self on your webpage, a girl was sitting with her legs wide open, I think it looks a tad indecent and wouldnt want my kids to see it, can it be removed?

  22. Ryan says:

    That was very inspirational! Love yourself and others will love you, love thy neighbour and just simply love everyone as love is the highest frequency! God bless everyone.

    Ryan x

  23. Cass says:


  24. neathan says:

    as cass says., that love is priceless and it can never be stilled by someone… it can only felt by someone who loved and loving……
    “it can only be great”

  25. Mary Joyce G. Torreda says:

    Yes. There is so much love to give! oftentimes, the reason why humans struggle for giving love & accepting love is purely personal. & that is conditional Love. why? because one has set standards to lived by, & that is their basis for loving. Unconditional Love comes from God, some people find it easy to love, because they simply decided to love, without reason, without expecting it in return. But for animals lovers, they’re blessed if they have some pets to love, because, animals are capable of loving their pet owners unconditionally and dogs are best examples because they possess such trait, being faithful lover to their pet owner, they are capable of giving love lavishly, unconditionally & willing to make a sacrifice for the one they love. How I wish Humans possess such trait, what a wonderful world, might be our world to live! Joyce

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  27. Pinkee says:

    A dog does not keep score. A dog will not ignore you even when you ignore him/her. A dog knows instinctively when you are in need of comfort because you are sad or sick. A dog will do her/his best to save you when you fall into harm’s way. A dog will miss and grieve for you whether you are gone for just a few minutes or departed from this world. A dog remains loyal to the one he/she’s bonded with even when mistreated by that someone. A dog will love you in spite of…and that’s just like God. Are we really sure there is a coincidence here??

  28. Carol says:

    Ahh!I do miss my dogs .They are guarding heavens gates now .Thank you for this lovely reminder

  29. shelby orten says:

    When I think of Love I think of my Mom she was the very essence of love,it was Agapie love,
    She taught us to love everyone, no matter what race how poor or rich should be treated the same as we would have others treat us,She applied that love to others all the time willing to do without food herself So others had enough to eat.
    I think God`s love is the greatest love ever shown.
    And that a mothers love is the next then all animals should be respected because they have feelings also.
    If a dog or any other animal should cross your path
    you dont need to get to know it just love it for what it is,
    God created all things for us to enjoy but Man has shown greediness and hatred some whip their children just to make themselves feel good,
    How tragic that we as humans have failed to keep the good work of our lord flowing amoung all that we come in contact with, thank you Shelby Orten.

  30. Pat says:


  31. lula bowens says:

    that’s what the world need now and let add the church is missing that point if God loves us unconditional why can’t at least try to do like wise

  32. Jane Jenkins says:

    We have had several dogs in our years as a family. Two stand out, Duke & Lady. They were both very gentle
    & loving with children especially. They loved everyone
    so there was never a lack of attention for either kids
    or dogs! They listened when there was no one else to listen. Such a picture of how God loves us & we should
    love others. Loved the pictures!

  33. Olga Lopez says:

    Thanks for sharing this video really captures the love for dogs we presently own 4 dogs as a family they are very lovable and obedience sometimes. We take them all for walks and they really enjoy walking as well as play time we treat them just like family. Thanks again…..

  34. Moses Vijay says:

    Interesting video

  35. Brenda Steen says:

    God shows us unconditional love everyday. Just look around you. The beauty and wonders of nature. the colors, sounds, smells, they are all part of God’s love for us!God bless the children and dogs tatdon’t know aything else except for unconditional love. Sad that as we grow and mature, that love dissapears. If w could only capture it and pull it out when we are feeling like we need some. Wouldn’t that bve wonderful. that’s right,God provided his Word, the Bible that we can read anytime we need his love to show through.

  36. ANALISA ONG says:

    ’tis ‘sis kooool =}

  37. Darlene Morgan says:

    It is amazing of the many variations about “unconditional love”. Jesus Christ set the example of unconditional love, and we are commanded to love one another as Jesus Christ loves each of us unconditionally, and I have that unconditional love for everyone, and accept everyone for who they are, and not the person I would want them to be, and I do not expect to have that equal love in return. If we follow the examples of Jesus Christ, we will always have that perfect love that is unconditional, and I pray that Jesus Christ touches every heart in a special way, that we might all have that unconditional love for everyone, and what a wonderful world this would be with that unconditional love of everyone. The video of dogs is sweet, but not the main source of unconditional love.

  38. CLAUdette says:

    WOW ! ! What can I say that hasn’t been said. What this world needs is LOVE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, GOD’S LOVE, AGAPE LOVE, LOVE LOVE LOVE. Give God the Praise.

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