Notes Left Behind by Brooke and Keith Desserich

Dear Friend,

Elena Desserich was a typical little girl… until just before her 6th birthday when she was diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer. For the next nine months Elena and her family endured hospital visits, hospital stays, tests and treatments – all while her energies and abilities dwindled. She lost her ability to speak but not her love for life or her ability to love. For the next nine months she and her family fulfilled her simple dreams some of which were; “to dance with her father at her wedding”, “to see her art hung in a museum” (it was, next to a Picasso), swim lessons, vacations and so much more. Her family stood by her side doing all of this and more without realizing that all the while Elena had been secretly hiding love letters and drawings throughout their home.

It was only after Elena’s passing that they began to find love notes sprinkled all over their home. They were in every room, between books, in pockets of clothing, even in boxes of Christmas ornaments. Collectively they eventually filled three boxes. I hope you’ll view this video and be inspired as we were to make every day special for your loved ones, even when we are not around to see the delight in their eyes.

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20 Responses to “Notes Left Behind by Brooke and Keith Desserich”

  1. ElsieNg-Rg says:

    Dear All!
    This is indeed a great touching true story about LoVe from a 6-year old girl with a sweet name called Elena! Yes, LoVe is the greatest of all and you can show it in many creative or mysterious ways like what Elena did… writing with colorful expressive motives in little loving secretive notes to her mum, dad and her younger sister placed in books and scattered all over the whole loving home like a jigzag puzzle! It reflects so much of LoVe that she wants to share with her dearly family and it’s good so!

    Therefore, let us share or show our LoVe to all those we care in many ways, at any time or any place!
    GOD is LoVe, without LoVe the whole world is meaningless and emptiness creeps in! May I thank all for reading. God bless all of you! ~LC~

  2. Ellie Mills says:

    This is a beautiful story and reminds me of my wonderful husband who did the same thing for me lea ving notes in places like the boxes of batteries and boxes of fuses telling me what to do, as well as little love notes in unexpected places. Sadly I lost him 2 1/2yrs ago and miss him so much ,but these little notes are indeed a “Godsend”

    Bless you all Ellie.

  3. Valerie Anne Turatti says:

    What a sweet child you were and still are wherever you are and I am sure that the writings you left here and there have brought much love and comfort to the ones that you have left behind. I guess that you are now somewhere being a little Angel doing God’s Work because he would not have taken you so very soon had you not been so very special as a child. My heart broke to read your unselfish love for your family and your great love for them always. God Bless and keep you little star above. Val from Nottingham, England. x

  4. A very gentle and loving child with so much of compassion and understanding for her parents and all those who she knew.
    This is what I call footprints in the sand as we express our love by leaving behind notes and drawings.
    I’m sure that she is with our Lord and we all will meet her some day.

  5. cora sapien says:

    indeed!it is very true Love can move mountains,I lost my husband almost two years this coming october 15 I did not see him when he died,it is sad,but because of his insert love notes everywhere like clothes,towels drawers,kitchens, pillow cases and a lot more I dearly misses him more and more every day.(c s)fr.philippines

  6. Wow it is just amazing how this precious soul knew so much and in her end helped her parents with their beginning without her physical presence,God is so amazing and continues to show His life in and through us if we just allow Him to.God bless this special family with their special story and their very special gifts of life and the resemblance of a glance to an eternity where we have a choice to be in forever of love.Thank you for sharing life love and memories

  7. katy shroff says:

    thanks for the beautiful thoughtprovaoking story

  8. loolu susan thomas says:

    thank you for this story. I am the mother who watched a son of 37 lose a cancer battle. l.s.t.

  9. Elmo Acio says:

    A genuinely wonderful and inspiring story! Another reminder to all of us that children are not just passive individuals who are just waiting to be taught and waiting to learn and waiting for things to happen . . . they also have many, many things to teach us, far more than we can imagine, if only we spend our time to be with them and to listen to them! In this hurried society we live in today, it is truly sad that some of us do not realize the depth of the value in the time that we are with them. They are God’s messenger of His love for us! Thank you for sharing this story with us!!

  10. premla says:

    This is so moving so touching…..Elena surely showed her love in so many little ways…May God bless her family and make them live on with such beautiful memories of Elena….may her soul rest in peace knowing fully well that they are finding her notes.

  11. Dotty says:

    This is really amazing. Through the little notes and drawings left behind by this sweet little girl the family will always have special memories of her. May the Good Lord guard this little soul and to bless the parents who thought it fit to share this story with us.

  12. angie young says:


  13. vernon says:


  14. vernon says:


  15. Arden says:

    wow. such a powerful story. i really indeed enjoyed it, thank you so much. bless everyone in this world. you cant choose how or when your are going to die. all you can choose is how you are going to live it and make it the best it can be

  16. Kaye Flack says:

    Powerful legacy!!! Thanks for sharing

  17. Maureen says:

    “When you become as little children, then will you see the kingdom of God.” Those notes were inspired by the Holy Spirit, with whom she now shares that kingdom. My daughter, on the night before she died, told me how deeply she loved me, not knowing these would be her last words to me. Those words have been my comfort and consolation in my grief. LOVE… that’s what it is all about; for LOVE will bring us home.
    God bless..

  18. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for sharing this very warm and compassionate story. Eleana, was truly a wonderful and remarkable and beautiful young child. Just know that she is in the arms of Jesus now in heaven. I wish her family and lil sister Gracie all the best.
    I wish more of us would take heed to a story like this and send LOVE around the world to others. Hatred is ugly!!!! but to give the gift of Love to others is sooo…AWESOME!!!!! blessings to all….

  19. Jancy James vadakken says:

    Thk u for sharing Elena’s love to her parents. I would love to share the same way and wish all the good for all.

    PS: requesting u to send me a copy of lorreto Chappel in Mexico and regarding the healing sand. Pl I very much need to send it to all for it has healed me from depression. I was going thr lot of depression and when I saw the cruxifix in Lorreto’s chappel I placed my hand on it and prayed to give peace in my heart. After a second I was healed, but before I could realise I deleted the mail so pl do send me the mail PLeeeease.

  20. yvonne thumma says:

    i have never been held by a book as i have notes left behind, it makes you stop and think and makes you appricate your life and children. what wonderful children brooke and keith have, and what amazing children . my heart goes out to them and prayers . god bless every day the three of them and there familes are on earth.

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