Praying Dog

I hope you will find the humor in this video as I did.  When I first saw it, my first reaction was to chuckle.  However after thinking about it a little bit more, I thought about all the traits that dogs seem to possess “naturally” that we should all aspire to attain.  Not only are dogs devoted companions, but they are also our confidantes.  They are  loyal. patient…  I could go on and on. 

I think that William Croswell Doane said it perfectly in the last two lines of his poem “Cluny”:

faithful, mindful, thankful, trustful, he
Tells me what I unto my God should be.

Now, with a chuckle, we can add “prayerful” to that list.

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5 Responses to “Praying Dog”

  1. Fay Roberts says:

    I love this site & all it contains, You see anything is possible with God ,Faith is also a Gift from the Lord Above, what would I do without Him];

  2. anna says:

    Thank you very much for this video! It brought tears to my eyes.. I miss my dogs, and I really like to think that they have a soul and we’ll all be together someday in a better place.. Beautiful sweet dog you have..

  3. ali garci says:

    Thank YOU, whoever made this video…he is a genius and generous. God loves him and his dog. I’m a pet lover, too and a Christian who is trying to deepen faith in Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. Alex Yong says:

    Oh, I love this dog!

    If this dog can open his eyes and ears to our Lord Jesus, what more of human beings?

    Praise our Lord! For nothing is impossible for Him. Amen.

  5. Virginia Scott says:

    Even the animals that God created will bow their heads before Him. I so believe this is gorgeous I so loved this. Thank you & Praise our Lord & Saviour Jesus

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