Horsing Around

Just a little “horse humor” to end the week. Although he is not a show horse, this horse definitely puts on a show.

Hopefully you will see – not only the humor, but also – what love can accomplish. The adage “Man’s Best Friend” takes on a whole new interpretation here.

This video gives new meaning to the term “Horsing Around”. Although it might be hard to imagine, it is definitely “fodder” for thought…

If someone can train a horse to sit in a car, open a refrigerator and fetch a drink, answer the phone and sleep in a bed (!!) just imagine what we can accomplish with a little “horse sense” of our own.

We hope you enjoy your weekend and look forward to your comments.

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43 Responses to “Horsing Around”

  1. aileen gonzales says:

    That is so cute. It makes a person wish they lived in that kind of comfortable, slow lifestyle where you cab actually take time (and care enough) to teach a horse to do those things.

  2. Judith says:

    OMG! I love this horse story – so unusual!

  3. cindy/Skip says:

    Isn’t Patches Incredible??????

  4. Debbie says:

    lol love this horse how cute and clever is he

  5. Jennifer says:


  6. Annette says:

    Patches is adorable! I love watching to see all the amazing things animals can do. I surely can tell how much patches is loved!

  7. Debbie T says:

    Oh I love Patches. He is so adorable and intelligent.

  8. Mother Terri says:

    It’s just amazing! Some of those old studies on animals intelligence really should be restudied. As a farm girl, working with different animals; I have found them to be suprisingly capable and compassionate, far beyond what is expected… but this horse is amazing, far beyond anything I expected. I think I will be smiling for a long time when I think of him riding in a convertable… :)

  9. Lucy says:

    I imagine Patches has given a few rides in his day…so I guess it’s about time he gets a ride! ;)
    He sure does seem to enjoy his people friends…Hope he is house broken! ha What a cute video!

  10. Here we go!There is a new man’s best friend. He rides in a car,eats fast food, sleeps in a bed,answers the
    phone and whatches TV.Would you like to have a
    horse with the same qualities?.I would.

  11. AL says:

    Thank you, Patches, for bringing a smile to my face :)

  12. Elizabeth says:

    If a horse can bond like this like Patches, what more we, humans can do to develop a loving, caring and compassionate relationship by sharing and connecting with each other with a civilized, decent and non-judgmental attitude. We would have fully accomplished not only a harmonious and peaceful world but most of all a greatest love story that the Good Lord has designed for us to follow and that is to love one another as He loved us.

  13. Jo C says:

    Animals are inspirations from God to fill our hearts with fun and laughter, love and devotion. Patches is special! Thank God he has 2 wonderful gentlemen to care for him. God Bless Patches.

  14. Mary Joyce G. Torreda says:

    Lucky horse, quite unusual, but much expected for creatures whose being and cared for.

  15. Buddy says:

    This is a one of a kind horse I am sure. These two men have got to love how they have trained this horse. Very good job.

  16. Mary Joyce G. Torreda says:

    Thanks for the share of these video, Mary. There is so much Love to give to anyone, much more God allows portion of our love for the animals.I’m extremely a dog lover,and My pets are treated like humans, that’s why.


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  18. Christa du Randt says:

    i live in Vereeniging in South Africa, and we have the most adorable animals….. in our country, this is so sweet , cute and just adorable.I respect these 2 men that treats this horse so well. thanks

  19. Vandana kumar Seth says:

    its amazing!
    A lesson to be learnt as how to enjoy little things in life,value your life and to value those who give us love and care for us:)

  20. Felix Chavez says:

    Animals and I mean all animals like Patches are equal in importance to all of Creation It is God’s way to share his Love with all. So Let us Love one
    Another as we love self and God…We are all ONE IN GOD

  21. EDITH says:

    just so amazing…i like those people who loves animals…..AND god bless them…

  22. Sandra says:


  23. Joshua Kyeremeh says:

    It looks so amazing how the animal has responded to the respect and chance given to it yet, it is sad that we fail to respect our fellow human being. It all starts with dishonesty towards our neighbour. Truth is foundation of peace but we people hate truth though, we cry for peace. Is it not funny?

  24. Ellie Mills says:

    A tonic to see. loved it.

  25. Ann Collett says:

    That is too cute!! Who would ever think that a horse would like to ride in a car?!!!

  26. S.S.Sharma says:

    What an Obedient Horse.God Bless him / his owners.LOVE ANIMALS.

  27. Karola says:

    Real good story,what these guys accomplished with love,and patience, Patches,probably the only horse,that lives so civilized, just hope it doesnt Turn in “a couchpotatoe”smile.

  28. Rosita Fuentes says:

    Oh my God!! What a neat video! Patches is awesome!How did they do it? To train a horse? Really great.

  29. nazmun says:

    wow how sweet, horse is so intelligent.

  30. Shakya Sen says:

    Lots of love and affection for the horse must have gone into the training. I really appreciate the video.

  31. impressed says:

    One comment. Thought patches did super, BUT, Patches forgot to say night prayers!!

  32. christine says:

    Interesting video. Sorry, I disagree with the horse being in the house/bed and eating food which he shouldn’t be which could make him sick.

    I feel for the horse actually for these men for allowing him to be in that environment, its unnatural.
    Yes, they care for him but not in an appropriate way,

  33. John says:

    I thought all horses were vegetarians by nature?

  34. Raylene says:

    What a crazy horse or is it the crazy people who train the horse. What a sight they must have been the first time they went out. I am sure they help to make people’s day, mostly those who have never seen them before. even though they have a horse in the car, but to treat him like a person in the house,ect. God did not creat horses to live in houses. some one should tell those two men what a horse looks like, and where they suppose to live.
    people who do this to animals need to live like the animals and let the horse live in their house on its own.

  35. Jocelyn Dean says:

    October 31,2010 at 11:00PM

    Wow, That’s an Amazing horse love it…!

    Maygodbless them.

  36. Vinayak says:

    Thank God ! You did not take the horse in traffic jams!

  37. chuck says:

    Patches is unbelievable. That is one that little kids should get to see. Animals can do some amazing things.

  38. Melody says:

    This is so cute. I wish more animals could do that!!!

  39. Patricia says:

    Patches would be great in a movie. I really enjoyed the video. It is nice to see something different every now and then that has a positive affect.

  40. gale marion says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! God love Patches. He reminds me of Mr. ED.

  41. surjit singh bola says:

    loved to see beautiful and well prepared documentary on one of the best friends of the man.it will definitely encourage humans to be kind to animals and caring to their needs for love food and medical requirements which shall be adequately compensated by the animal.

  42. Folake says:

    wao! this is incredible… nice one.

  43. Shelley Fardelmann says:

    i think this horse has been abused to perform like this. it is very obvious that Patches is very unhappy and not doing his tricks for a loving trainer. it made me sick to watch it.. i also feel it is wrong to feed a horse, who is vegetarian, fast food. God bless Patches that he may be rescued soon. i wish i knew more about horses I pray these men are punished for hurting this beautiful creature.

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